Crown Moldings – Other Decorative Installs

Our home has vaulted ceilings and when Barbara wanted crown moldings installed I came up with a different and I believe more decorative way to install them. So far we have installed crown moldings in the living room, our bedroom, and Barbara’s Office/Meditation Room and she loves it so I’m happy. I like the way it looks and decided to share the idea.

The first photo below shows the crown molding in our living room on one side and a close up of how I finished the ends is right below it.


To finish out the end I just made a 90 degree corner by using two 45 degree cuts. The photo below is a close up of the corner joint. More information about these cuts will appear soon.

HomeProjects 003

Below is a drawing showing how this crown molding is installed. In this case, the 1X2 nailer is critical because is serves a dual purpose. Again it serves as the nailer for the crown molding but it also holds the shelf in place. In the living room and bedroom the shelf is just a 1X4 but in the meditation room it’s a 1X6 and serves as a shelf for knick knacks.

crownnoceilingFinal copy

Notice the the nailer is nailed to the wall. It can also be screwed. You will probably need to locate the studs behind the sheetrock to make certain the nailer is fastened properly. Normally, applying this nailer next to the ceiling poses no problem because you will be nailing directly to the top plate of the wall. In the area below the ceiling you will need to nail to the studs. The drawing above shows how the crown molding/shelf was assembled. See a photo from the bedroom below


Notice that in this photo on the headboard side of the bedroom the crown molding serves as a decorative line on one color. Check out the photo below to see the crown molding on the other side of the bedroom.


On this side of the bedroom the crown molding serves to divide the colors. The top color matches the accent wall behind the headboard and the bottom color is the same as the more neutral other two walls. Below is the closeup of the joint.


The photos below show the crown molding in Barbara’s office/meditation room. Since this room is all one color, this crown molding doesn’t divide colors but it does serve as a decorative shelf.

HomeProjects 023

HomeProjects 021

The photo below is a close up of the corner showing how the molding ends. This method can be used to end the molding at any location.

HomeProjects 022

Coming soon will be another page describing how to make the corner cuts and the easiest way to nail up the crown moldings. Please check back soon.

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