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Welcome To Papa’s Wood Shop!


Papa’s Wood Shop is about home improvement, wood cabinets, furniture, and all kinds of ideas for your home. There will be design ideas and also complete plans all for beginning woodworkers or home repairers and all may be done with consumer tools available at local home improvement stores. Drop by regularly for new projects.

My shop was named by my grandson who often tells family and friends, “Don’t worry, Papa can fix it.” This small building comes after many years in a 1,400 square foot shop where I built hundreds of projects for a long list of customers in Tampa, Florida and Austin, Texas. Now I only build cabinets, furniture and home improvements for our home.

This building began as a shop and tool storage area. The tool storage was in the space with the metal security door. In front of the storage building was the work area where I built all my home projects including a modern kitchen. Once my publishing business began growing and I retired from my IT job, I needed an office. I built the narrow building on the right for all my tools and converted the old storage area to a nice office. Now my work area is smaller but it still works out fine. The chairs in the work area allow us to use the surface as a second deck and meeting place, at least during Spring, most of Winter, and Fall, Summers, not so much.

You’ve probably noticed the metal door to my office with deadbolts and the several locks on the door to my tool storage. Unfortunately, my previous tool storage sheds were broken into twice so I decided to do a better job of protecting myself. The locks, together with an alarm system, helps keep my stuff safe.

As time progresses I’ll share more information about this small shop area and all the consumer brand tools I use to build cabinets and furniture now. Please contact me with any comments or questions at . Thanks.