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Child’s Chair First Built During Power Tool Demonstrations

Back too many years ago to count, I did power tool demonstrations for the Skil company at Home Depot stores. In a space the size of a closet I would set up a small shop and build wood projects using power tools available at the store. While I used many tools, the biscuit joiner was the star allowing me to assemble and complete projects during the demonstration.

One of the many projects was the child’s chair pictured below. After the first one I built many more for friends and family and created instructions and drawings for the project. I will be putting these up on my blog and will post a link to them soon.

I also built a set of two chairs and a table for my grandson who will be sending me photos of the set soon so I can share them here. The photo below is of the first one I built and it’s in black and white.

Posts that follow will describe using biscuit joiner for this project and others. I’m also including instructions and drawings for building. Click HERE to read the instructions and see the drawings for the Child’s Chair.

Coffee and End Tables Set

The coffee table and two end tables below were designed and built for the living room in our home. They are a simple,somewhat Southwest design that can be built from any hardwood and even from just plain white pine. My wife had a basic idea of what she wanted for these tables and I made the drawings to be sure I understood what she wanted. This is always a good idea. Photo of tables below.

The instructions and details for these tables are lengthy so I will be dividing it into several pages. After I begin tomorrow I will link this post to the first page. Please return soon to check this out. It is an easy to build yet attractive set that has been in our living room for years.

Building Drawers Simply

As you have probably noticed I like to keep things simple and that means using simpler methods for my woodworking. I just posted a page about how I constructed drawers over many years with methods I still use today. The photo below is just one part of a desk I built for my wife years ago and it shows the closed drawers and one drawer open. You can check out how I built these drawers at Building Drawers – Simplified Methods.

Upcoming pages will cover how to measure the cabinet to determine the exact size of the drawer to fit the space and accommodate the drawer glides. I will also be covering how to make the drawer fronts as shown in the photo. Check back soon for additional details.

Study Desk – New Project in Five Parts.

Just uploaded a new project to papa’s woodshop but one that has been around for years. It’s a great study desk for any student. Check it out by clicking HERE. You’ll find complete instructions and detailed drawings so you can build it yourself.

Foyer and Entrance Table

Just posted a new page with complete instructions for an oak and laminate top Foyer or Entrance Table. See the photo below and click HERE for the complete details.