Monthly Archives: May 2017

Building Drawers Simply

As you have probably noticed I like to keep things simple and that means using simpler methods for my woodworking. I just posted a page about how I constructed drawers over many years with methods I still use today. The photo below is just one part of a desk I built for my wife years ago and it shows the closed drawers and one drawer open. You can check out how I built these drawers at Building Drawers – Simplified Methods.

Upcoming pages will cover how to measure the cabinet to determine the exact size of the drawer to fit the space and accommodate the drawer glides. I will also be covering how to make the drawer fronts as shown in the photo. Check back soon for additional details.

Horizontal Fence Details and Instructions

Just posted a page describing how I covered the ugly side of my neighbors fence with an attractive and long lasting pressure treated horizontal fence on my property. Check it out at Horizontal Fence .

Study Desk – New Project in Five Parts.

Just uploaded a new project to papa’s woodshop but one that has been around for years. It’s a great study desk for any student. Check it out by clicking HERE. You’ll find complete instructions and detailed drawings so you can build it yourself.