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About a Special Christmas Gift

Many years ago, when my in-laws were still with us, we would visit them every Christmas for a few days and exchange gifts. My mother-in-law was caring and loving and I always tried to make special things for her.

I always enjoyed carving and one year I found a drawing of “The Pieta” in one of my carving books and decided to make a carving for her. I made it to sit on top of a bookcase I made for a previous Christmas.

The carving is a relief carved from a solid piece of Honduras Mahogany. It’s about a foot tall and finished with a glossy clear lacquer. It sat on that bookcase for many years and now we have it on an antique desk in our guest room. A photo of it appears below.

The basic shape of the wood was cut with a band saw and the carving was done with a Dremel and wood carving bits. The Dremel and similar rotary tools are excellent for carving reliefs like this one. Notice the 89 date under my name at the bottom making this piece 27 years old.